The market’s first A.I product recommendation engine for PROtection and inVESTMENT

With 360-ProVestment®, Insurance Agents, Financial Advisers and Relationship Managers are able to deliver scientifically proven, consistent and holistic advice – one that maximizes the financial happiness of their customers.

What can it do?

360-ProVestment® helps advisers construct for their clients in real time, a holistic financial solution.

This application generates a proprietary financial happiness function specific to the client and models over 30,000 scenarios based on the client’s insurance and market risks. 

Then it runs around 40 million simulations to stress test against these scenarios.

The result is the best-fit solution which maximizes the client’s overall financial well-being for wealth growth and protection.

Why Financial Institutions want it?

360-ProVestment® is suitable to be used by advisers of all levels of expertise and experience and staff responsible for business development support. Advisers can generate in real time, a sales compliant, reliable and holistic recommendation baseline. 

It is 100% API-enabled for a seamless journey from fact finding to straight-through applications.

The engine is scalable across different market maturities. It has been implemented for in-force portfolio management to expand wallet share and customer engagement for new leads acquisition.