The market’s first solution assistant that maximizes financial well-being

With 360-ProVestment®, Insurers, Banks, Wealth Managers and Advisers are better able to deliver efficient and effective advice.

Leads from self-multiplying networks

Multi-Generation Family Genie®

The Genie provides the technology and context to help the advisor capture an individual’s networks e.g. families. It just takes one client to set up a financial goal on Genie to kickstart the rest within the family to onboard Genie, co-contribute and even set up their own goals too.

What can it do?

360-ProVestment®  automates the construction of a holistic financial solution (Protection Insurance-Investment).

The solution maximizes overall financial well-being by optimizing an individual’s financial portfolio for wealth accumulation & growth and protection from mortality and morbidity risks.

How is it done?

The 360-ProVestment® optimization model maximizes the individual’s financial well-being by factoring in the client’s financial needs & constraints, personal preferences and the available product universe. Dimensions such as bequest and consumption preferences allow the model to tailor-make the perfect strategy. 

The model was developed with strong support by Prof. Dr. Enrico De Giorgi from BhFS(

Why Financial Institutions want it?

360-ProVestment® is suitable to be used by advisers of all levels of expertise and experience and staff responsible for business development support.

360-ProVestment® has APIs available to integrate with existing customer-advisor journey. Advisers can generate in real time, a sales compliant, reliable and holistic recommendation baseline. 

The engine also supports in-force portfolio management efforts by identifying and winning up- and cross-sell opportunities with precise recommendations.

Risk Sensibility

“Can I trust that you understand how much risk I can afford and service me
according to my readings? Like how a doctor understand my vitals?”

A gamified sensor that calibrates itself to fit your context
and uncover your blind spots.