360F in Top 20 Global Fintech Hackcelerator" />


360F in Top 20 Global Fintech Hackcelerator

For being innovative and relevant to the industry’s problem statement, 360-ProVestment® has made it into the top 20 finals in the Global Fintech Hackcelerator 2019. This event comes under the umbrella of the Singapore Fintech Festival, anticipated to be attended by over 50,000 delegates from over 130 countries. See official press release from the Monetary Authority of Singapore here.

Since launch in early 2019, 360-ProVestment® has garnered market recognition and institutional clients. For this A.I recommendation engine, 360F is also currently a finalist in the K-Startup Grand Challenge accelerator program and SLINGSHOT Top 100 Global Startup.

Learn about 360-ProVestment® here.

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